Conference Program At-A-Glance

Innovative research and application technologies are the brightest spotlights at COM.Geo conference. COM.Geo Conference provides diverse programs to bring together scientists, researchers, engineers, software developers, decision makers, corporate managers, CTOs, CIOs, and IT administrators all over the world.

The programs includes the following sessions and events:

▪ Keynotes notes, technical papers, tech talks, panels, workshops, tech shows, posters, hot short talks, etc.
▪ Exhibition, demo show, hot short talks, and exhibitor talks
▪ Multiple networking events (Exhibitions, Brainstorm Corner, Receptions, Banquets, Tech Museum, etc.)
▪ Special programs for attendee family members (Exhibitions, Tech MuseumTech Summer Camps, etc.)

Full Conference Program Available


Sunday, July 21
18:00-20:00 Registration
Monday, July 22
7:30-16:30 Registration
8:30-12:00 Opening Remarkings / Microsoft TechShow / NASA TechShow / MIT TechShow 
Club Regent
9:00-9:50  OGC Keynote I : OGC Standards and Big Data Analytics
Club Regent
9:50-10:10 Coffee Break (Club Regent Foyer)
10:10-11:00 Microsoft Keynote II: A Fresh Look at Mobile Location Sensing
11:00-11:50 IFTF Keynote III: Unexplored 3D Worlds: The Futures of Focal Plane GIS
  Club Regent
12:00-13:20 Welcome Banquet
13:20-15:00 Full Paper Session I Short Paper Session I Brainstorm Corner
Club Regent Room Crystal Room Pagoda Lounge

Superpixel Clustering and Planar Fit Segmentation of 3D LIDAR Point Clouds
* Out-of-core Efficient Blending for Underwater Georeferenced Textured 3D Maps
* Road Segmentation in Aerial Images by Exploiting Road Vector Data
* Ground Penetrating Radar Data Classification Using Hidden Markov Models and Support Vector Machines

Security Considerations on Processing of geospatial Information in the Cloud
* DEM Generation with SAR Interferometry Based on Weighted Wavelet Phase Unwrapping
* Similarity-Based Compression of GPS Trajectory Data
* Demonstrating the utility of a new 3D visualization-based cost-benefit analysis tool for adaptation to sea level rise and storm surge
* Mapping the Internet: Geolocating Routers by Using Machine Learning
15:00-15:20 Coffee Break  (Club Regent Foyer)
15:20-17:20 Full Paper Session II Briefing Paper Session I (with Hot Short Talks) Brainstorm Corner
Club Regent Room Crystal Room Pagoda Lounge

A Benchmarking Framework for Efficient and Convenient Evaluation of Trajectory Compression Algorithms
* Geostatistical Approach for Computing Absolute Vertical Accuracy of Digital Terrain Models
* Generating Bridge Structure Model Details by Fusing GIS Source Data using Semantic Web Technology
* The Personality of Venues: Places and the Five-Factors ('Big Five') Model of Personality

Agent Based Modeling of Moving Point Objects in Geospatial Data
* Detecting Dynamic and Static Geo-Social Communities
* Monitoring Sensor Measurement Anomalies of Streaming Environmental Data Using a Local Correlation Score
* The development of Automatical ITS facility Arrangement System Using Open S/W
* Storm System Database: A Big Data Approach to Moving Object Databases
* Complex GIS Query Based on Rule Engine
* You Can Go Your Own Way... But You Wont: Exploring Highway Utilization in the Bay Area
* WhirlyGlobe-Maply: Open source high performance geodata display on mobile devices
*Progress report on quantifying existing and potential floodplain environments for California's coho salmon using LiDAR technology
*Citation Map: Visualizing the Spread of Scientific Ideas through Space and Time
*Evaluating a Socio-Ecological Indicator-Based System for Decision Making Support in Watershed Management
13:00-17:30 Exhibition, Job Fair, Posters, Networking
Tuesday, July 23
8:00-16:00 Registration
8:30-12:00 Microsoft TechShow / NASA TechShow / MIT TechShow 
Club Regent
9:00-9:50  Microsoft Keynote IV: To the edge of the Universe and back again: The evolution of the WorldWide Telescope and the ideas that inspired GeoFlow
Club Regent
9:50-10:10 Coffee Break (Club Regent Foyer)
10:10-11:00 Google Keynote V: Big Data Storytelling through Interactive Maps
11:00-12:00 NASA & Intelesense Keynote VI: NASA World Wind Infrastructure for Spatial Data
  Club Regent
12:00-13:30 Tech Banquet
13:30-15:00 Plenary Forum -- Emerging Tech Panel+:
Geospatial Computing: An Eye Towards the Future
Club Regent
15:00-15:20 Coffee Break (Club Regent Foyer)
15:20-17:20 Full Paper Session III Short Paper Session II (with Posters) Brainstorm Corner
Club Regent Room Crystal Room Pagoda Lounge

Engaging Outdoor User Experience Based on High Fidelity 3D Terrain Representation on Mobile Apps
* Geospatial Management and Utilization of Large-Scale Urban Visual Reconstructions
* Image Based Localization in Indoor Environments
* Internet of Things as a Methodological Concept

* Balanced Block Design Architecture for Parallel Computing in Mobile CPUs/GPUs
* Asking spatial questions to identify GIS functionality
* CARL: Crash Attribute and Reference Locator
* Evaluation of Geospatial Settings for Expanded Motions
* Analysis of Spatial Autocorrelation for Traffic Accident Data based on Spatial Decision Tree
Application of Statistical Methods in City Economic and Living Standard Study
*Characterization of Moving Point Objects in Geospatial Data
*Representing Spatiotemporal Context of Public Space for Urban Design
*Effiecient Online Sharing of Geospatial Big Data Using NoSQL XML Databases
*3D Geographic Feature Data Collections Applying LiDAR Remote Sensing for Street and Highway Maintenance Applications - A Case Study for the New York State Thruway Authority
*GIS-based gold potential mapping in the Muteh deposit area, Iran with respect to a new mineralization concept
*Coupling Simulations of Human Driven Land Use Change with Natural Vegetation Dynamics
8:30-17:00 Exhibition, Job Fair, Posters, Networking
Wednesday, July 24
8:30-11:30 Registration
8:45-12:00 NASA Workshop I OGC Workshop II
Worldwide Geospatial Data Collaboration Location Based Access Control on Geospatial Data with GeoXACML Policies
Club Regent Room Crystal Room
10:00-10:20 Coffee Break (Club Regent Foyer)
8:30-18:00 Tech Museum of Innovation -- Spirit of Silicon Valley
Free Admission for COM.Geo 2013 Attendees

8:30-12:00 Exhibition, Job Fair, Posters, Networking
The Week of Conference Dates
Tech Museum of Innovation
Tech Summer Camps for aspiring scientists, engineers, designers, and makers

The current program is subject to change before being finalized. The finalized program and schedule will be posted closer to the conference date.