COM.BigData 2014:
The 1st International Summit on Big Data Computing


Big Data is now invading in every aspect of our daily life and promise to revolutionize our existence. It is “the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity” as said McKinsey Global Institute.

Big data provides an opportunity to find insight in new and emerging types of information constructions. How will you take advantage of this opportunity? Big Data definitely presents a number of challenges related to its complexity, heterogeneity, and immensity. Many of these novel challenges necessitate rethinking various aspects of information processing philosophy, data management platforms, and computing methodologies in science, engineering, medicine, and business.

We believe that appropriate investment in Big Data will not only lead to a new wave of fundamental technological advances that will be embodied in the next generations of Big Data management platforms, systems, and products, but also has the potential to create huge economic value in the world economy for years to come.

COM.BigData 2014 is the 1st International Summits on Big Data Computing on Aug. 4-6, 2014 in Washington DC and online COM.* Virtual Conference (COM.* VC) in conjunction with COM.Geo 2014 and COM.DriverlessCar 2014 Summits.

Summit Highlights

This year, it features a very exciting event program on Big Data, including leading-edge keynotes, panels, tech shows, workshops, federal lab tours, etc. from governments, industries, and academia. There will be a great opportunity for everyone to learn the latest innovation, trends, and interrelation, vision, future impacts and challenges, and new perspectives from other world-class leaders of all three sides at the event.

In particular, the highlights of COM.BigData 2014 are as follows:

1) Federal Big Data Working Group KeynoteThe Federal Big Data Initiative: Where it has been and where it is going

2) Northrop Grumman Keynote: Big Data - A System Integrator's Perspective

3) Oracle Keynote: Big Data and Geospatial Analytics

4) U.S. DOE Keynote: Extreme Computing and Data Challenges

5) Emerging Tech Panel+ I: Federal Big Data Working Group

6) Emerging Tech Panel+ II: Challenges and Solutions for Big Data in the Cloud

7) Emerging Tech Panel+ III: Big Data and Geospatial Computing

8) Emerging Tech Panel+ IVTech Insights: Big Data, Driverless Car, Sensor, Geospatial, Visual Computing

9) Big Data Workshop: Big Data Organizing, Searching, Storing, Analytics

10) Oracle Workshop: Learn to Build an Analytics Solution with Oracle's Spatial Tools and Platform

11) OGC & ISO Workshop: Big Geo Data: Standards and Best Practices

12) SAML Best Practice Workshop: SAML for OGC, OpenLayers, Google Earth

13)  Big Data Tech Shows, Papers, Tech Talks, Posters, etc.

14) Big Data Reception/Banquet with governmental policy-makers, industrial world-class leaders, etc.


COM.BigData 2014 will take place on Aug. 4-6, 2014 in Washington DC, as well as online COM.* Virtual Conference (COM.* VC) in conjunction with COM.DriverlessCar 2014 and COM.Geo 2014 concurrently. For more info, please visit the conference website.