Call for Panels / Panels+


Panels / Panels+ should be proposed by expects in computing and geospatial areas. A Panels / Panels+ Program will address emerging, controversial and critical issues in computing for geospatial research and application that are likely to have impact on the field and lead to exciting discussions and debates. We encourage panels/Panels+ that involve industry, academic and government participants. Topics might be any frontier research or frontier applications of Computing for Geospatial.

Panel+ is an extended Panels program, in combination with Tech Talks and Panels, first introduced successfully at the COM.Geo 2010 conference. In a Panel+, the open discussion and debates will be followed with several panelists' short talks. The length of the Panel+ is no more than 90 minutes.  One regular panel takes 30-50 minutes.

A prospective Panel/Panel+ organizer should submit a proposal to the conference, including:
Title of the panel or panel+
A 300-word abstract of the panel / panel + (i.e. the topic and issues to be discussed in the panel / panel+)
Name(s), affiliation(s), and contact information for the panel organizer(s)
Names, affiliations, and contact information of 3-4 panelists (in addition to the panel organizer(s))
Short bios of each participant
Panel or Panel+


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Please check Important Dates and Presentation Time Length  for submission and follow this link to submit your work: Submission Site.