Call for Technical Papers

COM.Geo papers are read and cited worldwide. They have broad impact on the development of theory, method and practice in computing for geospatial fields. Papers will be peer-reviewed and authors notified by e-mail.  Accepted manuscripts appear in the COM.Geo Proceedings on Computing for Geospatial Research and Application, published with IEEE and appear in IEEE Xplore Digital Library, for world distribution.

  ▪ Regular Papers ( 6-8 pages)

   Full Papers present significant contributions to research and practice in all aspects of Computing for Geospatial. These include mainly accomplished research and/or application results and have 8 pages at the maximum. They can be either research papers or application papers.

  ▪ Short Papers ( 4-5 pages)

   Short Papers present brief and focused research or application contributions that are noteworthy but may not merit a full paper. These are mostly composed of short, narrowly-focused research or application papers. Besides, these can be fresh developments, applications or case studies, latest-breaking research ,emerging technologies, non-traditional approach, or some novel ideas and elegant results that are perhaps too small for the heavyweight full paper but that are nonetheless of significant use to practitioners.      

  ▪ Briefing Papers ( 2 pages)

  Briefing Papers present a broad spectrum of presentations on recent achievements, new trends in all relevant areas, work in Progress (preliminary, partial, and innovative insights that are important but not fully developed), late-breaking research, emerging technologies, applications or case studies, development techniques, and student projects.

A poster is an option for a paper. You can also participate in the poster session at the conference. If you would like to participate in both, please submit your paper abstract separately for Posters. For more details, please go to Poster webpage.


Manuscripts in PDF format must be electronically submitted for peer-review in IEEE standard-format. Please check Important Dates and Presentation Time Length  for submission and follow this link to submit your work: Submission Site.


Final Camera-Ready Paper Submission Instructions

In order for the paper to be published by IEEE and available at IEEE Xplore digital library,

 (I) Camera Ready Paper Submission

The camera ready paper has to be submitted by the deadline as shown in Important Dates. Also note the following important points:

 -  Reviewers Comments
We would like you to address reviewers' comments and correct any remaining typographical or formatting issues in the manuscript to the extent possible. You can find the reviewers' comments as attached in the acceptance notification emails.

Author Notice: All the paper acceptance notifications with reviewers' comments are sent to the authors by the date as shown in Important Dates. If you do not received them by that date, please contact us. Please see your acceptance notification email for detailed instructions about the procedure and timeline for the revision submission.

 - Formatting

The number of pages of your manuscript has to be 6-8 pages per Regular Paper, or 4-5 pages per Short Paper, or 2 pages per Briefing Paper and follow the guideline on how to prepare your final manuscript. IEEE Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings can be found here. Note that US Letter size used for COM.Geo conferences.

For more information about how to submit your paper, please go to IEEE ComputerSociety Information for Authors.

 - Copyright Form

Accepted authors will be sent the IEEE copyright form and complete instructions from IEEE automated copyright form collection system prior to four weeks before the conference. You need to directly submit the signed copyright form online to IEEE upon receipt of the email notice from IEEE.

  - Submission Website

 (1) For Papers with "Revisions Required"

 To upload your revised manuscripts (PDF or DOC), please visit the conference site and go into your author account in COM.* conference system, choose "In EDITING" (Paper Review) -> "Director Decision" -> "Upload Author Version". Once the revision has been accepted after final review, please go to (2) to submit it into IEEE website.

 (2) For Papers with "Accept Submission"

Please submit your final versions to the IEEE Author Kit website for IEEE publication. The IEEE Author Kit website ONLY opens to the authors whose manuscripts have been accepted by the conference committee.


(II) Registration

At least one author needs to register for the regular Full Conference Pass for onsite paper presentation at the conference venue in Washington DC or online video presentation at COM.* Virtual Conference.