Research and Development (R&D)

Computing for Geospatial Research Institute (COM.Geo Institute) advances the state of the art in many both computer science and geospatial disciplines. COM.Geo R&D focuses on the latest computing technologies for multidisciplinary research and development that enables the exploration in geospatial areas.

The objective of COM.Geo R&D is to provide innovative computing for geospatial solutions to meet your challenges.

Our current research areas are categorized as follows:

Geospatial Big Data Computing

Geospatial GPU & GPGPU Computing

Geospatial Visualization & Imaging

Internet of the Things (IoT)

Geospatial Mobile Computing

Geospatial Cloud Computing

Geospatial Augmented Reality (AR)

LiDAR Computing and Visualization

Geospatial Intelligence

Smart Digital City

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Geospatial Heterogeneous Computing