Web 3D Geospatial Application Framework with Source Code
The Web 3D Geospatial Application Framework includes a 3D web control and a 2D web mapping framework. The 3D web control provides not only real-time 3D rendering, 3D controls, and 3D editing, but synchronization with 2D web mapping. The 3D contents in the 3D web control can be customized as terrain data and 3D objects. The 3D controls includes 3D point identifying and 3D line editing. These features are useful to show dynamic or real-time information by connecting the 3D objects to the database.
Web 3D Geospatial Application Framework Web 3D Geospatial Application Framework
The key features of the framwork are as follows:
  • 3D Web control renders 3D contents
  • 3D Web Control includes DEM terrain 3D rendering and controls
  • 3D Terrain rendering modes include wireframe, shading & lighting, color ramp, and texture mapping
  • 3D view projection includes orthographic projection and perspective projection, top view, perspective view
  • 3D control includes static controls: rotation, translation, and scaling
  • 3D control includes dynamic controls: fly along a route/path or fixed height
  • 3D navigation: display navigation windows in 3D scene
  • 3D scene information identifying: identify the information from the 3D scene itself
  • 3D data information identifying: identify the object information from the database connection
  • 3D editing: create 3D objects in the 3D scene
  • 3D editing: create 3D lines in the 3D scene
  • 3D editing: modify/add/delete 3D objects
  • 2D Web mapping integrates with 2D map APIs such as Google Map API, Bing Map API, and Yahoo Map API
  • 2D map controls include pan, zoom, full extent, and so on
  • 2D mapping supports WMS, WFS, WCS through MapServer, GeoServer, ArcGIS Server
  • 2D mapping supports vector layers
  • Application GUIs: tool bar includes both 2D map controls and 3D scene controls
  • Application GUIs: adjustable view sizes of both 2D map view and 3D scene view
  • Application GUIs: map layers panel
  • Programming languages: Visual Studio C++, OpenGL, Javascript, ExtJS