COMStar Computing Technology Institute

Message from Conference General Chair and Program Chair

Dr. Lindi Liao

President & CEO
COMStar Computing Technology Institute

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the COM.* Conferences and Summits 2014; in short form, COM.* 2014, which takes place in Washington DC, U.S.A. on August 4-6, 2014 as well as the online COM.* Virtual Conference (COM.* VC).
The COM.* 2014 includes COM.Geo 2014, 5th International Conference on Computing for Geospatial Research and Application, COM.BigData 2014, The International Summit on Big Data Computing, and COM.DriverlessCar 2014, The International Summit on Driverless Car Computing.
COM.* 2014 has exciting and high quality technical program sessions. The keynotes will reveal the latest relevant technologies and give the key insights about Big Data analytics, driverless cars, and geospatial computing. In particular, future impacts and challenges, new perspectives, future innovation, trends, and interrelation are discussed in various programs at the event. Read more >>

Dr. Liao is the President & CEO of COMStar Computing Technology Institute . She also serves as General Chair of COM.* Conferences and Summits and a technical advisor to several federal agencies. Dr. Liao has 20 years of in-depth technical experience on 3D graphics, data visualization, virtual reality, GPU computing, highway driving simulators, air traffic management, GIS, multi-core architectures, real-time embedded systems, etc. She also has 10 years of management experience in government, industry, and academia. She also has broad interests in the latest tenologies: Big Data computing, self-driving cars, wearable computing, heterogeneous computing, mobile clouds, etc. Prior to founding COM.*, she worked at FAA and FHWA of U.S. DOT for years. She also worked at ESRI and developed the first version of Stereo Viewer for ArcGIS in 2001. In 1996, she pioneered the product development of the PC-based high-resolution quad-buffered 3D stereographic accelerators using the earliest single PC graphics chips invented by 3D Labs. Dr. Liao has authorized nearly 100 publications and 2 technical books on GPU-based research and OpenGL programming. She has been invited to give the talks by the federal governments, universities, and leading industries. She is a member of ACM and IEEE and serves as a technical reviewer for conferences and journals. She received her Ph.D. and M.S. in computer science from George Washington University and Purdue University, respectively. >>